Group Rules

1. Please respect the privacy of other members past, present and future. Unless permission is otherwise sought and received do not share information about other members to external parties. This applies to all elements of the CLB Education community including Zoom meetings. Let's keep this a safe space.

 2. You agree to be polite, kind and courteous at all times in this group. Any action that is considered inappropriate, rude, offensive, or profane as determined at the sole discretion of CLB Education will be removed. This is a place to build each other up, not tear each other down.

3. Content of this group is moderated at the sole discretion of CLB Education. CLB Education reserves the right to remove comments, posts, members and all other types of content at its sole discretion. 

4. Any promotional content is strictly prohibited.  

5. The views shared in this group by the members of the group are not and do not represent the views of CLB Education. CLB Education does not in any way endorse or approve the views held by members of this group.


6. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the sharing of Intellectual Property via this group does not in any way constitute the creation of a licence to use such property in any way whatsoever. 

7. You agree to indemnify CLB Education against any loss or damage suffered due to any post or comment you make in the group that could be deemed defamatory.  

8. You understand that it is your sole responsibility to ensure that any action taken as a result of information or advice shared in this group is the right action for you, including seeking professional advice specific to your individual needs and circumstances. 

If you have any questions or have concerns on the way a member is interacting within the group, please contact us directly via message or email Chloe at


Last Update: 5/7/2021