Medicare Referrals

You may be eligible for Medicare rebates if your GP refers you for treatment via a Team Care Plan/Chronic Disease Management Plan (Australia Only). The Medicare rebate provided for dietetic services is $54.60 each session for up to 5 sessions. The consultation will need to be paid in full and a rebate will be submitted via Medicare at the time of payment. If you have a chronic disease and are interested in booking a consultation, please discuss your eligibility for a care plan with your GP.

Private Health

Some Private Health funds provide rebates for online (Telehealth) consultations with Accredited Practicing Dietitians. Dependent on your Private Health Fund's policies and your level of coverage you may be eligible to receive a rebate for your consultation fee (Australia Only). To determine if you are eligible for a rebate and to find out more please contact your Private Health Fund.


The current fee structure is $120 for a 45 minute Initial Consultation and $80 for a 30 minute Review Consultation. Please note consultation fees may be updated at any time.